C# Bubbling Events

I need to bubble an event up from one control to another or a top level page in my ASP.NET app … hmmm … how do I do that again.

Way 1: Standard Event

public class MyClass
     public event EventHandler MyEvent;

Way 2: Custom EventArgs

public class MyClass
     public delegate void MyCustomEventHandler(object sender, MyCustomEventArgs e);

     public event MyCustomEventHandler MyEvent;

     protected virtual void OnMyCustomEventHandler(object sender, MyCustomEventArgs e)
          MyCustomEventHandler handler = MyEvent;
          if (handler != null) { handler (this, e); }

// Custom Event Args
public class MyCustomEventArgs : System.EventArgs
     public string item1 = "";
     public string item2 = "";
     public MyCustomEventArgs(string i1, string i2)
          item1 = i1;
          item2 = i2;
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